Auclair’s Market has been preparing freezer packages since invention of freezers!

We only use Grade A Poultry, USDA Choice Beef, and Western Grain Fed Pork. These fresh meat products are then uniformly cut, trimmed close, wrapped and labeled to your specifications. When placing an order for a freezer plan, please give at least 24-hour notice. Compare our quality and low prices. When you make an investment in a freezer plan, you deserve to have the best and not have to pay more.

We also customize a freezer plan to better suit your family’s needs. Please call the store to order a customized freezer package.

Also Available: Primal Cuts

Please call the store for Primal Cuts listed at market prices

Whole Boneless Rib Eye – 14-17 lb. Avg

Whole Boneless Top Round – 2-25 lb. Avg

Whole Boneless Sirloin Strip – 8-10 lb. Avg

Whole Boneless Pork Loin – 8-10 lb. Avg

40 lbs. Chicken Breast

40 lbs. Chicken Tenders

*On all red meat primal cuts, we can custom cut into: Roasts, Steaks, Stew or Hamburg to your preference.*